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DALL·E 2024-01-14 12.26.12 - Image representing the 'Bloom Growth Package' for Bud and Bre

$210-The Bloom Growth Pkg.

STANDARD PAGE (Basic Pkg Plus...)

  • Enhanced Listing: Professional photography service and a highlighted listing.

  • Promotional Spotlight: Periodic feature in a special section on the platform.

  • Extended Support: Enhanced customer support including chat and email.

  • Community Access: Entry to a host community for tips and networking.

  • Ideal for: Experienced hosts seeking increased visibility and growth.

Elevate Your Host Experience with the Bloom Growth Package

Are you ready to take your cannabis-friendly hosting to the next level? CannaNest Host Solutions proudly presents the Bloom Growth Package – expertly designed for hosts who are poised for expansion and eager to see their business flourish.

What Sets the Bloom Growth Package Apart?

1. Enhanced Visibility: We elevate your property's presence with professional photography and prominent placement on leading booking platforms.

2. Advanced Marketing Tools: Access a suite of advanced marketing strategies, including SEO optimization and social media promotion, to attract a broader audience.

3. Exclusive Network Access: Join an elite community of cannabis-friendly hosts. Share insights, learn best practices, and network with industry leaders.

4. Priority Customer Support: Enjoy enhanced support with quicker response times and personalized assistance for all your hosting needs.

5. Ongoing Education and Resources: Stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive webinars, newsletters, and resources that keep you informed about the latest trends in cannabis tourism.


Why Choose the Bloom Growth Package?

The Bloom Growth Package is tailored for hosts who have mastered the basics and are now ready to expand their reach and revenue. It's for those who want to not just participate, but actively compete in the cannabis hospitality market. This package offers the tools and support needed to transform your Bud and Breakfast into a sought-after destination.

Grow with Confidence

With the Bloom Growth Package, you're not just growing your business; you're cultivating an experience that guests will remember and return to. Our team at CannaNest is dedicated to helping you achieve new heights in guest satisfaction and business success.


Take the Next Step in Your Hosting Journey

Enhance your property’s appeal and grow your business with the Bloom Growth Package from CannaNest Host Solutions. We are here to support your journey every step of the way as you bloom into a premier cannabis-friendly destination.

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